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Life as seen by me.
Christmas haul and other stuff 
2nd-Jan-2009 10:16 am
 Aiee. I have abandoned you, LJ. I'll have to update you so the feds don't charge me for neglect. Do we have feds in Australia, or is that America? Anyway. The law will get me.

So. Christmas was fun. On the Eve my mother's side came over for dinner which was nice. Cute little toddler cousins are win, and seeing the family is also. My grandfather cried because he was so happy. Awwww. I lovez him.

Christmas Day, I woke up at 5:30. Present unwrapping was at six. So I stayed in bed until then and proceeded to the tree. Of course, mother and father didn't get up, and in the end I switched on the kettle to get them up. It worked. I got stuff.

-Abode CS3 and CS4 Design Standard
-Doctor Who Series 4 DVD Box Set
-Large box of Lindt chocolates
-Three t-shirts
-Sherbet Lemons
-Three boxes of shortbread
-Ferrero Rochers
-A new flash drive. At last.
-$150 in cash
-$20 in iTunes credits
-Doctor Who book. =D

A pretty good haul, methinks. Christmas Day lunch was with the Italians, or my father's side. That was also nice. Ravioli = win.

Went to Perth on Monday. I bought a pair of white Converse. They're nearly Doctor Who Shoes, just not off-white. They have the same stripes on the soles, though. =D Already had to wash them. Never go outside wearing them when your mother asks you to help in the garden "for five minutes".

Last night was... interesting. I was happily eating my meat pie when I feel a trickle run down my right nostril onto my upper lip. Thinking quick, I dropped the pie and put my hands over my nose while shouting "Ged me sub tissoos!" ever so eloquently. I looked at the news paper in front of me to see blood splatters, confirming my theory that it WAS a blood nose. Anyway, I put the tissues over my nose and waited.

I went into the bathroom and went to remove the tissue to see if the bleeding had stopped. What I discovered was horrible. I pulled off the tissue, and with it came this giant clot. and not just any clot. It looked like a honking great crimson slug. I just googled at it.

I called for mum, and she just about dry wretched. My nose was still bleeding profusely, so I covered it with another tissue. Five minutes later, same story. So mum called Health Direct and whisked me off to the hospital. There, a really nice nurse treated me and said it was a cut. She did something to it. (It sounded like quarter. XD) I is better, but I cannot: Laugh, sneeze, blow my nose, touch my nose or breath too heavily.

Yay. A decent entry. Woo.

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