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Life as seen by me.
Another survey. 
24th-Nov-2008 07:01 pm
I am bored. Lily made me do this. >> I'm just bored actually.

1) Chloe
2) Siobhan
3) Gemma
4) Lily
5) Craven
6) Kale
7) Froggie
8) Emma
9) Billie Piper
10) Catherine Tate

How did you meet 3?
Met her at MUNA last year, but got to know her at school.

How long have you known number 8?
14 years. Mah sister.

How do you know 7?
Via TFF.

What would you do if 4 confessed they loved you?
Ask who they were, what the hell they had done with Lily, and tell them to piss off and stop impersonating her. If it were her, I'd kick her in the shins. She should know better than to get infected.

A fact about 9?
She shouldn't be the next Doctor.

Who is 2 going out with? 
No one. :O

What does 5 do for a living? 
No job. =O

Would you live with 8?
I kind do. XD

What would you do if 10 said they loved God in a sexually weird -ass way?
Wonder why, and ask them to give me money. Also get a signed picture and DVDs.

What do you like about number 1?
She is funneh.

What would you do if 2 died? 
Be very sad.

Do you miss number 1?
Erm, no. I am seeing her on Wednesday.

What is your opinion of 3?
Awesome, foursome.

Would you ever go out with number 4?
My guess is, no. Why do it when we work so hard to get rid of that damned virus?

What would you do if 3 and 9 were going out?
Ask Siobhan how the hell she knows Billie Piper.

Would you ever get really personal with number 10?
No, probably not.

Ever slept at 6's house ? 
Yesh, I have.

Which one out of 3 & 5 are the coooolestt? 
They both are!

Which one do you tell the most to?
First five.

Which one would you label emo?

Who do you have the worst pic of?
Can I say me? Because I have a bad picture of me. Oh, and Emma. I have LOTS of her. >=D

Who' s the most child ish in your list? 

What would you do if 10 and 4 went out?
Realise that I was dreaming, and wake up.

What would you do if 8 was the father of the baby with 4?
Be confused as to how the doctors confused one of the two for a girl when they were born. And ask one of them why I was not informed of a plane trip.

Who do you text the most on the list? 

Who would you laugh most at if they tripped? 

Who do you find the sexiest? 
None of them?

Who do you think would win the gayness award ? 
Not a fecking clue.
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